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Sacred is an action role-playing game for Microsoft Windows released in 2004. It takes place on the magical continent of Ancaria, with characters of various races (dark elf, wood elf, vampiress, etc.) each with their own missions. More than 1.8 million copies of the game were sold worldwide. In... Sacred 2:Forging - SacredWiki Sacred 2 introduces item slots that are limited in what they are able to hold. This means, for example, that if there are several slots on an item, perhaps only one would be capable of socketing a ring. Sacred 2 also gives forge bonuses for weapons that contain silver or gold slots. Sacred 2:Skills - SacredWiki Players of all classes will receive a new skill choice at the levels: 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 18, 25, 35, 50 and 65. One additional weapon slot and Combat Art slot are granted at the levels: 3, 5, 10 and 20 Between level 1-4 One skill point is gained per level up. Between level 5-11 Two skill points are gained per level up.

Hello, back in the day i bought Sacred 2 but never really played it that much. I would like to start but im a bit "scared" as ive heard that you...

Lineage 2 Sacred PvP x300. By Delux, January 3, 2012 in Private Servers.Maximum Slots for Dwarf: 100.One more thing i didnt used any lies here , i just brought all things to the surface that it seems you really didnt like and tried t cover , well yeah there is not only l 2jbrasil that have this crap... Sacred 2 mod tool - Horizon - WeMod Community

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+ skills rings are way overpowered - Sacred 2: Fallen Jun 17, 2009 · For Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "+ skills rings are way overpowered". It's gotten to the point where the whole point of the game is twofold: 1. gathering gear with more slots, preferably gold slots, so that I can fit more +skill rings and amulets, and 2. finding higher value +skill rings and ... Sacred 2 Hints and Tips from the Co-Optimus Community Sacred 2 Hints and Tips from the Co-Optimus Community.. A News about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and its co-op game features. You only get 10 Skill slots so choose new skills to learn wisely ... Starting Sacred 2 : rpg_gamers -

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Metacritic Game Reviews, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for Xbox 360, Ancaria already awaits you! The mighty realm of the Highelves lies in ruins. The raging war for control over the T-Energy wears down the ... RPGFan Reviews - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Combat in Sacred 2 isn't by any means terrible, but other titles such as Champions of Norrath have pulled off the console hack-and-slash better. Sacred 2 does deserve credit, though, for putting more into the game than most console titles in its subgenre, especially in terms of customization. Sacred 2 Community Patch – Kırmızı Perfect Sacred 2 Community Patch’s main goal is to have a proper questlog, and tweaking some quest-flow as we find it better/more consistent to play. Also reactivation of unused quests and complemeting some unfinished new ones has been and will be done if possible. More than 5 skill slots? - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Message ... For Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "More than 5 skill slots?".

Sacred 2 Update Released. Product Update - Valve. 4 дек. 2008. Sacred 2. Implemented a new ingame options menu. Added new bosses to reward exploration."Mastery" of the skill "Enhanced Perception" will now yield significantly better chest drops.

Sacred 2 - menu glitches - YouTube Sacred 2 is a pretty decent game, although rough around the edges. One way the roughness manifests is in the menus that are vulnerable to a few glitches. I: you can press 'accept' and 'cancel' at ... Sacred 2 Hints and Tips from the Co-Optimus Community